UniForum is NousCubane’s flagship benchmarking and practice-sharing forum. UniForum is a multi-year program that enables professional service leaders to build the capabilities they need to drive continuous improvement within their university and supports similar universities to learn from each other. A unique strength of the UniForum program is its diversity in terms of the scale, research intensity and discipline mix of members.

This diversity enables UniForum benchmarks to consider factors such as scale and research intensity that are outside the control of the administration management, but focuses their attention on efficiency and effectiveness drivers that are in their control.

No other benchmarking approach offers this level of insight. Unlike other benchmarking offerings, UniForum supports the university and its academic leadership to understand what choices, often unconscious, are contributing to the results. With its leadership engagement programs and tools, UniForum provides the data and insight university, and faculty executives need to strategically manage their administration and support services.

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  • Am I providing services effectively?

    UniForum together with our Service Effectiveness tools support universities to identify best practice and the key steps to improving service delivery across a broad portfolio of administrative and support services for academic and professional staff.

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  • Am I investing in the right areas?

    Through our flagship benchmarking and practice sharing forum, university and faculty executives can access the data and insights they need to strategically manage their investment in administration and support services.

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  • Are we using space in the best way?

    By assessing teaching scale, research intensity and discipline mix against institutional space policies, administrative and academic teams can create the right conditions for effective change and space optimisation strategies.

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  • Are we operating as efficiently as possible?

    UniForum’s industry-leading benchmarking services equip university and faculty executives with the highly detailed insights required to understand how individual choices contribute to overall results.

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  • Do we have the right people in the right roles?

    With our benchmarking and practice sharing forum, universities can better understand how their operating model compares to like-minded peers and impacts their university's overall effectiveness.

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  • Are our courses delivering the right returns?

    By benchmarking the relative costs and revenues of delivering course portfolios, leaders can draw on rich, discipline-level insights when addressing key strategic issues and assessing academic investment opportunities.

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