Rod Skinner

Director, Product Architecture and Information Security

Rod has over 30 years’ experience in software and systems engineering with expertise in web technologies, telecommunications, networking, and highly available system designs.
His past roles include software developer, system architect, business analyst, project manager and product manager. He has led the establishment of several software teams and the development and delivery of numerous complex software products.

Influential work

  • Led the formation of the development team, implementation of the software development processes, and the design and implementation of the UniForum university benchmarking tools at NousCubane
  • Led the design of fixed and 3G/4G mobile core networks for telecommunication carriers in New Zealand, Taiwan and Korea
  • Led the software design and implementation of a fixed and mobile softswitch platform that was used in the first national scale VoIP carrier implementation in Australia
  • Was Team Leader and developer in the implementation of Telstra’s first origination-based routing for telephone calls in Australia (the 13 & 1300 service).

Outside of NousCubane

Before NousCubane, Rod worked in a range of organisations in the telecommunications industry; including Alcatel-lucent (now Nokia), Open Telecommunications (an Australian telecommunications software company) and Telstra. He also has experience in electronics design for microprocessor-based systems.

Rods holds a Bachelor of Engineering (computer engineering) from the University of Newcastle.

In his spare time...

Rod enjoys bushwalking, expeditions into the Australian outback and playing the guitar.