Federico Muller

Director, Software Development

Fede is a highly experienced Software Engineer with over 19 years of expertise in the field. With a strong technical background and a proven track record, he excels at managing teams effectively to deliver high-quality solutions.
Fede's client-focused approach ensures that the delivered software meets their objectives and exceeds expectations.

Support of Progressive collections in UFA

Fede played a crucial role in spearheading the transformation of the analytical system (UFA), transitioning it from a more static retrospective collection approach to a more dynamic and progressive methodology.

Point in Time reporting

When the COVID-19 pandemic emerged, it became evident that a more detailed and granular visibility was required, surpassing the aggregated yearly level. Recognizing this need, Fede played a pivotal role in the creation of Point in Time (PiT) reporting. This innovative solution enabled universities to track monthly changes in resourcing, providing them with earlier insights and a more comprehensive understanding of their resources amid the evolving circumstances.

Real Time Reporting

Fede led the design, development, and implementation of a real-time reporting solution for a major telco company in Australia. This tool effectively tracked churn rate, gross acquisitions, usage, and net incremental revenue for the prepaid product.

Agile Methodologies

After attaining a Scrum Master certification, Fede played a key role in implementing agile methodologies across co-located dev teams dispersed between the United States, India, and Argentina for a significant telecommunications company in the USA. His expertise and guidance were instrumental in successfully introducing agile practices, fostering collaboration, and optimizing team performance across geographical boundaries

Outside of Nous...

Before joining Nous, Fede held the position of Senior Consultant, specializing in delivering Business Intelligence (BI) solutions for prominent clients within the telecommunications industry. Notably, he successfully catered to esteemed organizations such as Optus, Vodafone, Indosat, and Verizon, among others. Fede's expertise in BI allowed him to effectively analyze complex data landscapes and develop tailored solutions that addressed the specific needs and challenges of these prominent clients. His outstanding track record in delivering high-quality BI solutions solidified his reputation as a trusted consultant within the telecommunications sector.

In his spare time...

Fede enjoys going camping with his family of 5, playing football with the kids and cooking traditional Argentinian barbeques for family and friends.