Emily Kramer

Consultant, Guidance Product Management

Emily manages NousCubane's guidance portfolio and client support portal.
Emily joined NousCubane in 2020 as an Intern in the Standards & Guidance team while completing her undergraduate studies. After nearly three years contributing to guidance creation, she joined NousCubane in a full-time capacity in December 2022, taking ownership of Guidance as its own product.

Influential work

  • Managed the final stages of migrating NousCubane's client support portal, UFHelp, to a new system provider, which involved coordinating with an external vendor and key stakeholders across multiple teams to ensure a successful implementation.
  • Developed a series of project management tools to improve prioritisation of guidance projects and tasks, ensure more timely delivery of key guidance updates, and encourage clearer communication with internal stakeholders
  • Assisted in the transformation of UFHelp's knowledge base content in order to support universities' understandings of the new 'Progressive' approach to the UniForum data collections.

Outside of NousCubane

Emily holds a Bachelor of Business with a major in Economics from the University of Technology Sydney. While at UTS, Emily also led peer-assisted study sessions in first year accounting and finance subjects as part of the University's U:PASS program.

In her spare time...

Emily loves reading and is passionate about issues in both the education and economics sectors. If she's not getting lost in a fictional world or researching her latest topic of interest, she enjoys spending time with family, friends and golden retriever named Sunny.