Colin Bleasdale

Manager, Benchmarking & Collection Methods

Colin manages NousCubane's benchmarking & collection methodologies globally.
Colin has a PhD in theoretical physics and has been with NousCubane for 5 years. He started with NousCubane as a consultant, then managed the data collections in ANZ for 3 years before moving into his current role in managing NousCubane's benchmarking & collection methodologies.

Influential work

  • Successfully operationalized progressive data collections with ANZ members allowing them to access the benefits of fast insight into resourcing trends during the COVID pandemic & beyond.
  • Standardised the validation of university data upon upload to ensure early detection of data issues, accuracy of results and consistency across regions.
  • Developed a methodology for mapping historical resourcing against a universities' current organisation structure and worked across internal teams to develop an end-to-end product from data collection through to reporting.
  • Developed an excel-based tool for universities to guide them through the supplier dataset creation process from system extract through to UFAST upload, removing the need for members to develop their own method for handling this complex dataset task.

Outside of NousCubane

Colin holds a PhD in theoretical physics from the University of Wollongong.

In his spare time...

Colin enjoys playing golf and spending time with his two (soon to be three) children and being actively involved in their various sporting activities.