Chris Harmsen

Director, New Product Development

A founding member of NousCubane and the UniForum program, Chris leads the development of new products, extending the scope and principles of the Higher Education-focused UniForum program into other education domains and beyond.
During his career as a management consultant he has specialised in operational excellence for clients and within his own organisations. Chris is most at home in dynamic, collaborative team environments.

Influential work

  • Service effectiveness assessment: Managed the initial design and delivery of NousCubane’s Service Effectiveness assessment service, providing education institutions with clarity around what attributes matter most to service users, how those attributes are performing, and in turn what actions can deliver a more effective service to support ‘frontline’ staff perform their roles effectively.
  • Global operations: Managed NousCubane’s global operations supporting the UniForum Program. This role focused on providing operationally excellent services to our clients, in particular making data collection as efficient as possible to free up time for value-added activities such as the development and testing of insights that can improve performance.
  • New product delivery: For a financial services company launching a new mortgage product, led the internal organisation design, covering people, processes and systems, which enabled the organisation to meet year 1 targets for application times, credit quality and in turn, sales.
  • Operational excellence: Led an enterprise-wide supply chain operational effectiveness transformation for a large public health client which strengthened the reliability of supply for patients and front line staff and delivered significant efficiency improvements.
  • Service delivery model design: Led a global collaborative study of higher education IT services which tested lead service delivery models. This study identified a broad range of interrelated factors that can impact service performance including user experience, the level of software and hardware portfolio consolidation and associated policies, the use of new technologies, help desk support models and beyond.

Outside of NousCubane

Chris started his career as a secondary science teacher in Tasmania before spending a few years as a professional yacht racer. An MBA then led to the start of his management consulting career, with his foundation years spent with Booz Allen and Hamilton before co-founding boutique consultancy ARPOS and then joining Cubane Consulting (now NousCubane). He has also spent time volunteering, with stints helping out at the local surf club and as a crisis support worker with Lifeline.

Chris holds an MBA from AGSM (Uni of NSW), and a Bachelor of Science and Diploma of Education from the University of Tasmania.

In his spare time...

Chris seeks out family, fresh air and active pursuits in his spare time. Cycling, ocean paddling, competitive sailing, surfing badly, carpentry and adventure travel with the family are some of his passions.