Ben Barnett

Managing Director, Ziplet

Ben is an education technology executive with almost 20 years’ experience working across technology, education and government sectors.
Prior to NousCubane's acquisition of Ziplet, Ben was the CEO of Ziplet. He has previously worked as a management consultant, where he was a Principal at Nous Group and led the firm's Canberra office.

Influential work

  • As a management consultant, Ben advised education and technology clients on strategy and operational efficiency.
  • Ben specialised in economic development projects for a number of federal and state government clients, with particular linkages to skills development.
  • Ben was the founding CEO of Ziplet, which he grew to an educator base across 140 countries.

Outside of NousCubane

Ben holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) and a Bachelor of Commerce, both from The University of Melbourne and a Master of Philosophy (Political Theory) from The University of Oxford.
Ben has previously served on the boards of The University of Melbourne (University Council), SYN, and Express Media.

In his spare time...

Ben's interests include the arts and the humanities.